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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

felecia187 as i said in my last post you should read the last one before you read the following ones so here goes all hell is going to break their balls on this one page one ; original telephone messages left for victor [me or felecia187 or victor pizzey ] by rick e howarth [ my laywer red deer alberta canada] trudy seykora, csr(a) examiner [of the tape in my safety deposit box ] central alberta reporting red deer , alberta  1-403-340-3414 this ends page one page two is next and the law society of alberta did nothing oh and i need a fucking lawyer to sue these bastards for there part in this so if you can help me find one that would be great and i will give you 5percent of my share from the law suit so that ends page one of this part of the court doucuments there is money in this if your refferal to a lawyer makes me money .next page .you will find out how this lawyer screwed my ass when i finish with the next 4 pages .remember you can get free money by getting me a lawyer .

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