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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

felecia187 i'm back no i am not dead yet update you can make 5% commision on this if you can find me a lawyer to take my case , that being said this is page three of the doucumtation ; rick e howarth hello , victor [thats me] rick howarth [double crossing lawyer that is him] returning your call , i got your last message. i don't know what to tell ya . i know what you're saying , you don't want to agree , that if you agree you give up your right to an appeal , you can't appeal what you agree to . so we should talk about that . i don't think i can get you what you want . i guess i want to be , you know , up front with you . i hope i have been up front with you . i don't think i can get you what you want .  in fact , i can almost guarantee you i can't get you what you want , so we might have to think about something else. i don't want to run a three day or a four day or even a two day trial when i know i can't get you what you want , so what i'm thinking about doing is i'll just give you your money back because i'm not sure i'll be able to give you what you want. so give me a call and we'll talk about it , 342-7400 , thanks. bye.  hi the last part of this part of the doucuments is next and i am going to tell you in the next part why he did this you will be a pissed as i am . 

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