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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

felecia187 oh yeah page two ; remember you can make money by finding me a lawyer for this so here goes victor pizzey central alberta reporting professional building #400 , 4808 ross street , red deer ,ab t4n 1x5 phone 1-403-340-3414 fax 1-403-309-4636 date of invoice january 14, 2010 attention victor pizzey [thats' me] telephone messages left by rick e howarth attendance time .5 hours @$70.00 per hour 4 pages @$4.75 per page (original and one copy) please note : interest will be charged on overdue accounts past 30 days @18% per annum , paid in full jan 15 2010 gst#126891969 total $56.70 10766 please make payment payable to central alberta reporting  please remit duplicate of invoice with payment . thank you , so ends page 2 i paid cash if you know a lawyer who can help me then you could earn 5% of my take .page three is next on the last page i will tell you why rick e howarth did what he did , i know they are watching .

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