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Friday, December 27, 2013

felecia187 so i was wondering how i could upload the documents of the abuse of my children and myself i came across a web site called you can hit this button on my blog at the top right of this blog , you will go directly to the documents that i entered as evidence , this is not for the timid , these are the documents that the abusers of my children gave to me , it is not easy to read about child abuse and we would all like to think this shit never happens but this is not a perfect  world this hurts me the most , but uploading these documents is easier then reading them , not being normal has a few draw backs like the ability never to forget how my children and i have been abused by the very system that is suppose to protect us , on one of the documents you will see that i got arrested for [ being a man ] true story but a long one to tell , i went everywhere did everything talked to contacted and met more people to stop this shit from happening , in the end the abuse continues to this day and to be honest there is no one you can turn too to stop people from abusing your children or violating your human rights here in Canada , when you try and stop the abuse it seems they abuse your children more , the list of who has done this is long when you go to click on my link to the right of this page and when you start reading all i can say is welcome to my hell .  

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