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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

felecia187fitness so everyone wants to get fit ,but how do the masses go about this , well they make other people a lot of money and they them selves don't get any fitter or weigh less , how is this possible well they sit in front of the computer or TV watching fitness shows or read books on weight loss , they buy infomercial fitness equipment that you end up putting under your bed or donating it to your nearest charity you get more exercise moving this equipment then you do using it , you go on a diet where when you go off it you gain even more weight back then you lost ,you think about it but it's raining you have some place else to be your kids are in school and this is your time , i feel sick i can't do that i don't feel like it , how to get motivated is the hard part so start with the truth you are over weight because you eat to much and your lazy bottom line those are the two things that make you fat the good news is you don't have to be you don't need machines , diets , to loss weight it is easier then you think , get up and go for a walk , hands down this is the beginning to a better you , yes it is that easy , if you can only walk to the end of the block and back then do it every day go a little further the neck day then all the way around the block keep going rain shine your doing fine , you don't have to run jog just walk the more you walk each day the further you walk the next day easy , you want to get motivated then watch fat people on youtube or look at fat people in your every day life this will more then motivate you get the people in your home to do what you are doing they can help you loss weight faster by going for walks with you every day , there is no magic pill no diet no one exercise that is going to help you loss weight then only thing that works is exercise and a change of eating habits for the rest of your life no diet no stupid food or lac there off just eating better some of the easy ways to loss weight which will help are drink 30 ounces of water per day easy , walking , fresh fruits and vegetables when you have a meal add three times more vegetables or fruit then you have meat on your plate easy no diet just better choices , no family get a friend to go for walks with you , if you feel stupid going for walks every day because you are worried about what others might think then think about the fact that you are fat now think what they think of you now motivated yet look at yourself the way you look at fat people on the internet or in your town to loss weight you first have got to stop lying to your self be honest and realize people are going to judge you no matter what you do , you are you best friend and the only person you need to loss weight is yourself when you start eating with the simple tips in this you do it all the time , you don't need money ,equipment , diets , books , club membership , a sunny day , think about it people will come home from work shower get in there car and go work out at the club shower there get back in there car and come home , by the time they have done all this you could have finished your walk had supper washed your car and fed the dog and you spent nothing well they have spent thousands , losing weight is no easy task when you give your self reasons not to loss weight , reasons for losing weight are breathing better , being able to bend over and tie your own shoes , you will not have to wear tight under sized clothes that are all black you know what i mean , and you don't have to buy shoes that don't fit because you think they make you look smaller , more energy , yes you will also think  more clearly no more brain fog , and you will notice that you will not eat as much and this one will happen without you even knowing , did i mention that your sex drive will increase because you will feel better about your self and having sex will be more intense and fun when you like your self more get a weigh scale and weigh your self twice a week motivation is the biggest reason for losing weight , write down your eating habits and how much you exercise and be honest about it then start doing the easy things that i have put in here think about the people who weigh 900 lbs and the fact that some stupid son of a b*tch is feeding them 30,000 calories a day this is not helping them at all you want to kill yourself just get a gun , motivated yet or do you want to be bed ridden with your huge ass weighing in at 700 lbs , a rule of thumb men can eat 2400 calories a day and still lose weight because we as men burn calories just sitting around the house , sorry but facts are facts , women need 1400 to 1800 calories a day and no you don't burn calories sitting around the house you have to work at it , sorry facts are facts , and yes i do know what it is like for someone to lose weight my girlfriend has lost 50 lbs and is keeping it off , she change the way she eats for the rest off her life , her battle with weight runs in her family , her aunt can't leave the house , because she will not fit out the door , when you start you have to keep motivated find a friend to help you get your family to do what you are doing they eat healthy you eat healthy and i don't mean salads everyday so with the tips in here and motivation you will have no problem losing weight , and it will not cost you any money to do eat right for life , walking , water , three times more vegetables or fruit then meat and start loving sex again because sex burns a lot of calories burn baby burn lol little joke there , enjoy   

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