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Thursday, January 16, 2014

felecia187 this is the great truth about hemorrhoids , the cause to pregnant women and men is really quite simple , the reason is that everyone has two major blood veins that connect the top of the body to the bottom , now when these veins get pressure put on them ,which comes from your tummy , this pressure is caused by a baby sitting in your tummy wrong or your intestines having trouble digesting your meal , this puts pressure on your veins which causes them to relive that pressure by building up in your bum , it is kind of like taking a long balloon and making the air stay all in one end , now to get rid of these nasty hemorrhoids is you can get a doctor to operate , and get them back , change your diet , and get them back , and the list goes on , now before i tell you how to get rid of hemorrhoids , i will first tell you how this cure for hemorrhoids works , a eye doctor in the English journal of medicine gave his clients 10,000 iu of this , well he discovered that the veins would get bigger and the blood flow to the eyes and the rest of the body would increase , the other thing is that 60% of the population of the world die with some form of scurvy , have you guessed what it is yet , vitamin C 500 to 1000 mg per day will start the repairs to you system so the healing will begin , vitamin C thins your blood , and helps you digest your meals better , i have not had one in 16 years with this vitamin C , i don't know if smoking or drinking liquor , or coffee will have an effect on this , because i am allergic to smoke and liquor , no i am not recovering i real am allergic to liquor , a change of diet is good for you anyway , i also have noticed that i can now drink milk more often ,one vitamin a change of diet and no more pain in your ass , or you go get cut up by your doctor when ever you have a flare up , vitamin C , or pain at the doctors office hum vitamin C 500 to 1000 mg per day i notice the change in as little as three months , and no more pain in my ass since so that is why you get them and how to cure them your ass will thank me for this . enjoy   

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