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Monday, January 6, 2014

felecia187 lady gaga says that she got used by people she trusted , she said they were in it for the money , and that the millions she has made doing this was not worth it , haha the music industry all so has used meatloaf he made $24,000 off the bat out of hell album even though it sold 24 million copies , alana milles made nothing of her first album , people in the entertainment industry are thought to make millions well the truth of the matter is they only take home a third of what they make , taxes , agent fees , hair dressers , body guards , and the list goes on when it comes to making this type of money you got to realize that crooks are everywhere this is also true in the sports industry , many of these celebrities do not know how to balance a check book , when you make this kind of money you better learn how to take care of your money yourself , first and foremost pay your taxes , then set a budge on how much you need to spend and what you want to spend , when you start a tv show or cut an album you do not get paid anything for the first year when the money it makes gets total up , this is the same if you write a book so keep this in mind .     

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