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Thursday, January 30, 2014

felecia187 thats right it's red because that is what i am seeing right now mad oh yeah , so here is the thing Justine Bieber is arrested in Toronto like they don't have enough problems with there piece of s*it mayor , now they got the Bieber and his fan base causing even more problems , this is nothing more then a stunt to sell tickets , no don't believe me look up his ticket sales for the world tour he just finished now when this meatball gets his slap on the wrist you will not only see his ticket sales increase but also sell faster , his cds will also sell more and he will release yet another cd , as long as he is in the public eye he will make money , hatters are the best free form of advertizing for these meatballs when you or i are ticked at these people we tell one or two people , now hatters will tell everyone who will or will not listen , free advertizing . the reason people like Justine get away with these crimes that you and i would be doing time for is because one he has money ask OJ what you can get away with , two Justine supports a lot of peoples income , ageants , make-up artist , accountents , body guards , hotels , airlines , sponsers , advertizers , magizines , book deals , publishers , clothing lines , memorbilia , and the list goes on , oh and his friendly mouchers , this kid is a company in his own right whitch is the reason they get away with commiting such crimes and getting a slap on the wrist , if you or i had the selling power these people do we would be rich also , when you go and get a job you are selling to one person your boss , if you go get an agent and start with tv comercials you will be sell to millions of people , you could invent something that everyone thinks they need when you sell to one , you make a living , when you sell to  many you enjoy your living , one makes you a pay check the other makes you rich , people that do this are sports stars , movie and tv stars , authors , writers , Bill Gates , Apple , to just name a few , so if you want to be rich sell your self to the masses ,enjoy

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