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Friday, February 28, 2014

Alison Redford is a thief and here is why premier of Alberta Canada

felecia187 Alison Redford is the premier of Alberta Canada , that is right oh did i mention a thief that's better some people beat around the bush when it comes to our leaders not me a thief is a thief no matter who they steal from , this one stole $ 45,000 to go to a funeral for Nelson Mandela don't get me wrong this was a honor to sent this leader which is still a thief , now i don't know what her and her partner spent $ 45,000 on but this sounds a lot like the rich and stupid , oh i don't know Justine Beiber ring any bells , he spend $ 60,000 on a air plane to Toronto to turn himself into the RCMP  , but Redford didn't make this money we did and she should have to pay it back , oh i got one how about we charge her with misappropriation of government funds yes we do have that on our law books and many  a political person in Canada have been charged under this law so what do you say we charge the child abusing b*tch or make her pay it back out of her own pocket oh did i mention that she is a thief , enjoy   

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