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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

felecia187 It hit me today at work , this is so dumb that as a very smart person , how smart it would make you feel uncomfortable to know that , any how this is about the TV show Gilligans Island from the 1960's they go on a three hour tour and end up stranded on a deserted Island there boat has a mass hole in it and yes they have an inventor that should be able to fix the boat but he can't why who knows , so this is what hit me about this show the yacht  is all there on the beach yes it took me many years but the question is this , where is the dingy that by law you have to have on a boat this size , why is it never shown or talked about in the show , they could of gotten off the Island with the dingy what the hell , so if you have the answer please leave a comment , how many years did this take , we wont go there , where the hell is the dingy in the show someone please tell me , enjoy   

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