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Saturday, February 8, 2014

felecia187 the green people and you know who they are , are saying even more dumb things , they are trying to tell everyone about bottled water being bad for your health , because of the chemicals that go into your drink from the bottle itself , and it is only directed toward bottle water , what the hell these meat heads have no balls , what about the pop bottles we use every day they are made of the same plastic as the water bottles that are suppose to be bad for the environment , but these cowards never go after the pop companies , could it be that the pop companies have to much money to spend on legal fees , well this may not be it either because the pop companies all so sell bottled water , so why is this directed at water bottles and not pop bottles , is this free advertising for the pop companies or is green peace being as political as the governments they are trying to bring down , if you know the answer i would like it if you told me the answer to this bull , enjoy     

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