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Thursday, February 13, 2014

felecia187 the animal craze , this is the dumbest thing that people do to make money , take the hedge hog , when they first came to Canada these creatures were going for $20,000 now you can buy one for a couple of bucks , one of the animal craze that still makes money is the aerowanae fish which is a fish that the chines buy for $45,000 or more , the reason these fish still sell for tons of cash is because they to date have not been bread , you find them in the ocean and raise them , which is the reason the price is so high , what is the next animal craze , how about a cat that goes for $20,000 , you need to go on a trip and bring something stupid home and breed it and sell it for a ridiculous amount of money , what a way to make a living , enjoy 

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