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Saturday, February 8, 2014

felecia187 Rob Ford the mayor of Toronto has said that he dos't want the gay flag to flying at city hall , his believe is that the games should have nothing to do with sexual orientation , and should be more about the games themselves , now this idiot has said a lot of things in the past , present , and the future to come , and he will not be going any where soon , but now even thou it hurts me to say anything good about this meatball , i do agree with him that the games should be what the Olympics are about and real should have nothing to do with who the gay people are fu*ckin , this believe has been with me for a great many years , it all started when five members of the show sesame street came out and said they were gay , one even went so far as to say that Mr, Hooper was also gay , even thou Hooper was dead for a great many years before this was said , and my first thought to this , is what the hell dose who you are f*cking got to do with a children s show , there is a time and place for everything and the fact that gay people use every event they can to promote their sexuality real is beginning to piss me off , gay parades , where naked male and female are having sex with the same sex during the parade is so piss me off , we can't have a straight  parade , Red Deer Alberta Canada permanently canceled our Christmas parade because the gay people had a parade right after it , the fact that they are using the games to promote their lifestyle makes me think that they are recruiting , because this 15 minutes of the fame they get for doing this is getting old real fast , i don't care who they f*ck , you can be a good person even if you are gay and i do know gay people , and they believe what i am saying is true , you want to be gay that is your choice , there are a  lot better things that need our attention like child abuse by our governments , it is amazing how gay people have the same relationship problems , as straight people , and that they are just a screwed up as the rest of us go figure , they got their rights to be gay now lets save the children of abuse , enjoy             

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