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Friday, February 7, 2014

felecia187 top ten things you didn't know about fishing 10, the dial on your real is to adjust the tension on your fishing line for example if you are using 12 lbs line do not adjust the line to 12 lbs instead adjust it to 10 lbs this helps the line not to break 9 , use clear fishing line for top water fishing , and use red fishing line for depth greater then three feet , this way the fish can't see the line red line disappears starting at three feet or more 8 , never use line that exceeds the weight of your rod if your rod is 15 lbs then use 12 lbs line or less , this will help to prevent your rod from breaking 7 , the beat knot for fishing and i kid you not is the sewing knot , will not come loss , i am knot kidding get it knot lol , there are many many knots and this one works the best 6 , you don't need a $500 rod and reel to go fishing my most expensive rod with reel cost $31.00 it is called a beefstick and is for 50 lbs it only comes in one piece i have many 5 , bug spray don't leave home with out it 4, i like the open reel less of a problem when fishing , even thou i have tried all of them except for fly fishing never done it 3 , get a boat that is lite weight and can be set up and ready to go easily 2 , learn this secret OK here it is there are fishing hooks that you buy , and there are fishing hooks that catch fish , they are not the same , so here is a trick that works , when looking for a fishing hook you will see hooks on display that have 10 or more of the same hook , don't but these ones , buy the hook with the least amount of the same because the people that fish that area are using those ones , just because a hook looks good doesn't mean it works and the number one thing that you don't know about fishing is learn to lie lol funny get it was thiiiiiisssssssss BBBIIIIIGGGG LOL  enjoy        

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