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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

government thieves property tax rip off

felecia187 so here is the thing if you own a house in Alberta Canada you have a year in which to pay off your property tax , now if you own a modular home in a trailer park here in Alberta Canada you don't have a year to pay your taxes off they put a lien on your property right a way and start the processes to sell your modular home right away , and if your trailer park is in a town , or city you get nothing for your tax dollars from that town or city , you don't get RCMP , garbage removal , water ,sewer,public rec centers  nor do you get snow removal there is one set of rules for house owners and another set for modular home owners this is f'n harassment by the government that steals our money and gives themselves over inflated pay the public should be able to tell the government how much they should get paid because we pay them to do a job and we should start to get our money worth , oh do not buy a modular home here in Alberta Canada unless  you have your own lot to put it on , it is time we start to give the government a pay cut until  the job we hire them for gets done right , enjoy    

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