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Thursday, February 27, 2014

how not to pay property tax

felecia187 in today's world the tax man is a thief but there are legal ways around this , you can buy a house for $500,000.00 and pay more then $5,000 a year on property tax , or you can do this , buy yourself a RV you can get a 45 foot one with the luxury of the best houses or hotels for any where from $100,000 and up , you don't have to pay property tax , most places you go to empty your waste is free you can park overnight for free at any Wal-mart , if you don't like your neighbors then start up the RV and go else where , you can get portable mail boxes from the post office or on line you can sign up for one , you don't need to go out for dinner when you can make it every where , once in a while you can get cheap camp site , you get to enjoy live any where because you are there man . you already have a cell phone so there is your phone , you can get satellite , if you have a job you like take the RV with you to work , make the RV your only home and the money you will save will add up sit down and make a list of all the money you pay a month on your house then make a list on all the money you will save , if you sell your house and live in the RV, you make payments on the house , the insurance for the house the car to get you to work , the utilities , the maintenance the property tax , the money you spend on vacations the gas for the car the car payments , you get the point yet , so with the RV you pay one insurance , one gas , one utilities no property tax no house payments no car bills so when you decide to do this than enjoy your a lot stress free live .          

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