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Saturday, February 22, 2014

Olympic figure skating

felecia187 crash and burn baby , this is one of the only events that dose not require the judges to judge the competitions based on a set of rules , take the high dive for instance it has a set of rules and regulations to judge the divers performance , there is no such regulations in figure skating which is why it sucks to get judged a better performance then the best skater just because the judge took a liking to them , one of the rules i think they should use , which they do use in almost all other sports at the Olympics is that if you fall you're done go home , if a skier falls you're done they go home , so if you fall in figure skating then you should have to go home you're done , make a set of rules that all judges must follow and this bull with figure skating will end , or don't have this competition at the Olympics , enjoy     

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