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Friday, February 21, 2014

Olympics and the truth

felecia187 to bad i couldn't make this one brown , this is about the harsh conditions of the winter games in Russia , now the truth will be told right here , you are not allowed to use toilet paper , and flush it down the Russian toilet , no this is not the truth part , this is have you ever used Russian toilet paper you can buy any kind as long as it is there kind , sandpaper mean anything to you , your butt will bleed if you use there toilet paper to much , so the truth is "bring your own" there toilet paper more then clogs toilets it grinds the pipes and no i am not talking sex , the government of Russia gets the best and the people get the rest , this is because you have two types of people in Russia the rich , and the poor ,  they don't have a middle class and this causes problems even for toilet paper , they don't promote competitions in Russia unless it has to do with the Olympics , hell most Russians don't even pay taxes but the toilet paper is a real bum wipe ha ha get it bum wipe . 

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