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Friday, February 21, 2014

spring is in the air fishing

felecia187  spring is in the air , this is the time when fishing season which starts on my dads birthday April 1 , no i am not kidding my dads birthday is April first , i look forward to casting my first hook into the warm waters of Alberta , this year i am also going fishing in the bow river , which is the top 5 fishing spot on the planet , i don't ice fish , because standing on a giant block of ice freezing my ass off to catch a fish that has no fight in it is not my cup of tea , i like when the temperature is 32 c for at least 3 days this makes the water hot and the fishing great , they fight like power house , its like towing your car with your rod , yeah you fishing guys and ladies know what i mean , all fish fight better when it is warm , dragging a cold fish throw a hole in the ice is like not fishing at all they have no fight when they are cold , but when they are warm look out , hang onto that rod and pray , now that's what fishing is all about the only thing that matters is you and the fish the rest of the world can go to hell , stress relief i call it , i need another rod .  

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