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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

the hours of the RCMP in Canada

felecia187 this is stupid but i think if i say something they will change the hours , because if criminals know this then they have to change it , OK here goes listen closely the RCMP in alberta and most other provinces have there shift change at 7 am and at 7 pm , this means that most of the RCMP  are not there to help you because they are on there way to work or getting off work , i have never gotten a traffic ticket at either of these times , this needs to change before the bad guys catch on , so the best time to commit a crime would be at 7 am and at 7 pm so change it to be a different hours of the day several times a day before they catch on this way you should have the same amount of RCMP on duty at any given time , because the way it is is that you are short members at the two time of day that i have listed  enjoy 

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