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Thursday, February 27, 2014

what you need for safety in your car in Alberta Canada

felecia187 so you live in Alberta Canada and you drive a car or truck you do not need summer tires because it has snowed every month of the year here that's right even in July and august so you will have all season or winter tires all year round and yes winter tires all year round are legal here , you will need a candle which helps to reduce panic when you are waiting for help , you need a cell phone to call for help , and a portable radio if it is really cold the batteries in your cell will die faster so keep it warm , inside your coat , jumper cables and you better know how to use them or you will burn out your cars computer chip , blankets to keep warm matches or a lighter , a shovel , know where your jack and spare tire are and know how to change them , if the roads are bad do not drive , this doesn't matter weather you know how to drive , because it is the other idiot on the road that will crash into you because they don't know how to drive in the winter or summer for that matter , listen to road condition web sites if they have a tow ban on a road this means the road is closed so listen , if it is really cold with a tow ban you could freeze to death waiting for help to arrive , number one rule dress for the weather not for how you look , enjoy and drive save    

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