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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Alison Redford resigns from Premier of Alberta Canada

felecia187 Alison Redford resigns from Premier of Alberta Canada , as of this Sunday it will be her last day as Premier of Alberta Canada , dose this mean that she will not pay back the money she stole from us tax payers interesting question don't you think , her resigning was a good thing now it gets worse , you see there will be no election to replace her , oh it gets even worse now the party will vote on who it will be that runs this province not the people who pay taxes , that's right this is called a dictatorship and dictators are elected by their parties , we got to change this bull so when one dumb ass quits then we should have another election to see who we want to run this province , this will get rid of the dictatorship that keeps popping up in this country , it is great news that this Redford quit because this means we the tax payer are no longer her own personal bank account .after all a thief is a thief no madder who they think they work for .enjoy    

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