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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

celebrities wanting our attention all have one thing in common

felecia187 when celebrities act out in public to get our attention , such as DUI , fighting in public , calling there fellow cast mates idiots , dressing like a s*ut , showing up 2 hours late for a show , hanging out with the lower life celebrities , throwing mental melt downs , acting like a complete idiot , bash there fans ,  spending more money then you will make in a live time in ten minutes , like buying a $ 2,000,000 sports car , renting a plane for $ 60,000 for one trip to Toronto Canada , showing total disrespect for everyone including there family , hey i just listed over 100 celebrities bad behavior  in this short period of time cool , so what happens to these celebrities , there family steps in and takes control of there money , sends them to rehab wouldn't be great if the average person could afford rehab , any how , they end up dead , broke oh with this one it is always there business managers fault , here is a tip its your money you learn to take care of it , living on the street , so what do all these celebrities have in common , OK here goes still with me DRUGS  yep they are full blown addicts they spend more on DRUGS  in a day then you make in a year , oh i included a Mayor also guess who , all this dose is show our kids that drug addicted celebrities can make lots of money and get there way they spend no time in prison for what we would they can afford the best lawyers so what do you think of these brats because if it were not for you making these meat heads popular we would have better acting celebrities that is right blame your selves because you earned it , enjoy

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