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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

DNA verse the monkey , humans , sea-sponge

felecia187 evolution people say we are closely related to the monkey based on the monkeys DNA  compared to humans which is 97% human , this evolution started with Darwin , they mistook what he meant and turned his words around , in other words Darwin was not discussing evolution but what he was saying is how animals adapt to there environment , which is a lot different , the first so called missing link as they call it is based on bones which are suppose to be from the so called missing link and they are in fact the jaw bone and the teeth from a pig , that's right a pig and they still use this as evidence of a missing link to this day the back teeth of a pig look a great deal like humans teeth , so when they did the DNA test and found out that the monkey has 97% of our DNA the evolutionist made more then a big deal out of this , so here is where it gets really weird ,  the sea-sponge shares better then 99% of human DNA , now this is going to blow you away there is no living thing animals plants one celled creatures and the list goes on that share 100% of our DNA  because humans are the only things that have star dust in there DNA  and nothing else on earth as we know it has star dust in there DNA , ENJOY  .    

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