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Friday, March 28, 2014

Florida USA road rage .

felecia187 the awesome weather of the state of Florida , well a road rag happened i do not know how it stated the video dose not show that but a one point the women drive pulls out here cell phone camera and starts to take video the truck tailgates her then comes along side then drives in front of her and hits the brakes , usual stuff , but this time the truck looses control hits a telephone pole and wipes out , gets better he leaves the seen of the accident he just caused , so the women turns the video over to the police and the road rag idiot gets arrested for leaving the scene of an accident , the video went viral at over 2,000,000 view today alone , now i said it before and i will say it again , just drive away because chances are you will be caught on video by someone and your stupid driving will make someone a  lot of money when the video goes viral , think about it road rage is not only stupid by live threatening , enjoy .

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