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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

how the GST and HST works bend over tax payer lol ha ha

felecia187 potato farmer will be the example .
5 % when farmer sells potato .
5 % when whole-seller sells it .
5 % when store sells it .
5 % when you buy .
this is not the end you can add more because the farmer sells to the french fry maker then they pay 5 % .
if they ship the potato a long ways away then the transportation system gets charged 5 % .
this tax was suppose to go to paying down the Canadian debt , yeah you guessed it , not one dime went to pay down the debt .
now if you live in British Columbia  then you also have to pay the HST  tax which works in the same way the GST dose . now if you live in Manitoba then you have to also pay a service tax on top of the GST , HST, and the service tax junior burgers can cost $ 15.00 at the fast food place and that is just the burger ,enjoy

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