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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

how to safe money on your next car

felecia187 some simple tips on saving money on your next car , like it already , never buy new you will have to pay extra for mandatory tune ups and these tune ups can cost hundreds of dollars , and if you don't get the tune you don't get the warranty , and your gas and insurance to your monthly bill , set a budget  , now the smart thing to do is save for your car pay it in full do not make payments because when you make payments you cut into your monthly cash flow , learn how to change your oil now depending on the year of your car will depend on when you should change it this can save you an easy $40.00 , if something goes wrong with your car fix it now not latter one problem with new cars is  if you leave it , it could make something else happen , never boost your battery unless you follow the Manuel , if you boost your battery wrong can burn out the computer chip in your car and this can cost you thousands of dollars to replace , do not buy a car because you like the way it looks listen up you women , you buy a car for dependability , gas mileage , and how much the parts will cost to fix it domestic cars cost less to fix , but Toyota are very dependable but there parts cost more , if you think something stinks about the person selling you the car then walk away after all it is your money , if you are a women when you go to buy a car take a man with you that knows what to look for , you do need a man then you will get ripped off just the way it is , find a honest garage to fix it when it breaks down word of mouth helps with this one , because if someone got ripped off at a garage i guaranty they will tell you and for how much , i learned this after lee brothers took me for  an additional $2,800 after they rebuild my engine yes i sued the judge called it a draw , remember that knowledge is power so get some knowledge and get empowered , do not have someone buy a car with you no matter how much of a friend they are your car your rules , it is better to save for a car and take the bus knowing that you will soon own one without payments then to have the car cut into your cash flow , rule of thumb is the bigger the motor the longer it will last , four cylinders are great for two but if you will have more people to drive around get six cylinders , v-8 are the best but the bigger the motor the more gas you use unless the cylinders shut down like in the Mercedes which runs on 4 , 6 , and all eight but then they cost a lot more , always change the oil on time this alone will make your car last a lot longer , now if you want it to last even longer this little tip will help you do that highway miles are the best , when you drive in town you stop and go way to much and this causes wear and tear on you engine , enjoy oh remember women get taken so take a man with you .         

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