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Thursday, March 27, 2014

how to stop a bullet from a high power gun , m1

felecia187 so you are in the army now , OK the enemy is firing at you with say an m1 , or a gun which bullets travel at 2500 feet per second , you stay on land your dead , so what should you do , find a body of water and dive right in , stay at least 10 inches to two feet under the surface of the water , this only works will really big guns , when the bullet that is travelling at 2500 feet per second , when it hits just the surface of the water it will stop as soon as it hits the surface of the water and sink to the bottom in pieces , now this means if you are in the water the person firing at you is going to look pretty stupid , now the reason this happens is because the faster a bullet travels the more denser the water becomes , it is like this you try to walk on water you will sink , if a speed boat is towing you behind it when you go fast enough you can take off your water skies and go barefoot , because the faster you go the denser the water , got it good , so high power guns are useless when you are under the water , enjoy .    

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