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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

how the wars of the world are changing

felecia187 bloody wars not as much anymore , the wars of the world now have a lot to do with the freedom of the people , Russia may look powerful but they also have a line they can't cross because the rest of the world will put sanctions on them if they do this will cause a lot of pain for there government and there people and because we have internet to show the rest of the world what is going on in sanction countries like North Korea the sanctions can be debilitating for there governments , that is not all we can do to prevent a war from starting the USA  was stopped by the people of the USA  from going to war with Sierra  , hackers are also becoming one off the world hero's when it comes to fighting the country which may try going to war , hackers have wiped bank accounts just cause they have also found people who don't want to be found we are in a new age of war , where it won't be people that die but more like counties bank accounts wiped out , and sanctions that prevent any thing for going into , or coming out of a country that is trying to start a war , this works most of the time North Korea is a different story , if you believe in church then there is always an Antichrist here at any given time , right now that would be North Korea , before that Uganda , Germany , Rome , and many more Hitler came the closest to being the Antichrist that's right Armageddon , the wars from now on will be more political then lots of blood being shed this could be a good thing , one thought on war is this how about  if Russia invades the Ukraine and everyone that lives there up and leaves no one lives there what is Russia going to gain ? nothing because with out a work force the country is worthless this is called passive aggression  which simply put means the art of getting your way done without doing anything Martin Luther King Jr was one of the best at doing this and look how much he did for his people , by the way he knew that he was going to be killed , so why did he do it ? simple cowards don't die heroes , enjoy  

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