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Thursday, March 27, 2014

make your shoes and boot water proof .

felecia187 oh yeah easy and short to the point , so here goes , first take a candle maybe about 6 inches long that is white , now rub the wax from the candle all over your shoes or boots make sure you get the whole out side of the shoe , now after it will look like you just smeared wax all over your shoes , so to make the shoe look like you never did the wax treatment you get a hair dryer and you set it on high and melt the wax that you put on your shoes , now your shoe will go back to the same color it was before you put the wax on it , and the wax when heated will seep into all the tiny holes in your shoes this will prevent water from getting into your shoes , see this one is easy , and that is how to water proof your shoes or boots , enjoy.

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