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Saturday, March 22, 2014

money from meteors

felecia187 how to make money from finding a meteor , scientist pay tens of thousands of dollars to people who find meteors that are from other planets like Mars , in Australia people make a very good living wondering around with there metal detectors looking for these meteors , they are very heavy mostly made of a iron ore , scientist want them because they could hold secrets on how old Mars is if there was live or water and many other important questions that we need to know before we go to live on Mars , most meteorites burn up in our atmosphere so even though they may be hard to find sometimes they are well worth finding if you make a very good living on them one of the great things about these meteorites is that they are found on every land mass in the world so may have one right in your own back yard , one person had on as a door stop until some one told him what is was and how much it could be worth so do some home work on how to tell if it is a meteorite and see if you can find one who knows this could be a great vacation where you find one worth over $ 100,000.00 and yes they have paid this much for them , enjoy  

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