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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Nelson Mandela and Alison Redford

felecia187 my god this is retarded this one never seams to go away she walked out as Primer of Alberta and still she manages to get in the news , this time she was building herself a penthouse , with our money , can you believe that she worked for Nelson Mandela a man who if he lived in a two bedroom apartment would consider himself lucky , someone who spent more then 30 years behind bars , someone who gave back to the country he fought so hard to make better , then there is Redford did this moron learn anything about the freedom of the people NO she learned you steal it and hope you do not get caught , has she payed back the $ 43,000 she stole from us NO , this one needs a grand opening of WHOOP ASS  , not to mention other things , charger her for theft and make her do time i mentioned what the charge was in a previous post and exactly what the criminal code was you should read it awesome , enjoy .     

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