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Monday, March 24, 2014

how to make glow in the dark water balloons .

donations so summer is almost here yeah right , any how it may be where you are and every summer people make water balloons , now why do you want to be the old guy with the boring balloons , that's right you don't so now you want to PIMP THE WATER BALLOON , how do you do this to impress your kids and become the bests Dad ever . you will need .
balloons , easy one .
glow sticks the mini ones .
first blow up the balloon to make sure it works trust me one in a thousand you can huff and puff and that one balloon will never blow up , then let the air out of it ,now break the mini glow stick so that it starts to glow , then place it inside the balloon , then fill the balloon with water , now before you tie the balloon closed make sure all the air is out of the balloon ,this will make sure that the balloon will explode on impact , so when it gets dark out side tell your kids it is time to stay up past your bed time then show your kids how to do this and take them out side and have a glow in the dark water balloon fight , oh yeah the fun , after the balloons go boom you can reuse the glow sticks which last for hours , the only thing you will run out of are balloons and energy so have fun you cool Dad , enjoy , enjoy.

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