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Thursday, March 13, 2014

premier Alison Redford is a thief

felecia187 oh this ain't over yet so Alison Redford now has promised to pay back some of the money she spent on travel with her daughter , and the flight to a uncles funeral , why are the first three letters of funeral fun ? what about the trip to Africa for $ 43,000 is she going to pay that back , three senators of Canada did the same thing Alison Redford did and are now facing prison time , so why hasn't Alison Redford been charged for the same crime , the crime is [ misappropriation of government funds ] its on the books look it up , this bull about the government using our money like there bank accounts has got to stop , you will love my story yeah i am getting in position to tell it and it will blow your mind on how the Alberta Canada government is using your tax dollars , but not yet soon , enjoy 

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