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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

the Alberta distraction law ha ha ha ha. and dash cams .

felecia187 so they the government created a law to prevent people from using there cell phones while driving you get a $ 200 ticket if caught , now i say if very loosely , children in a grade 5 class in Calgary where to do a project which was to count how many people where using there cell phones while driving in a period of just one hour they counted over 200 people using there cell phones while driving , because of a dash cam a accident happened because the other driver was using his cell phone , but because it was caught on video he was the one charged with distracted driving , with out the video it would have been the other persons fault , you snooze you loose , people are now buying dash cams for there cars for insurance reasons who can blame them , people in Calgary Alberta were warned that a driver in Calgary was streaming live video of his dash cam to the internet , and believe me the RCMP now check his live video feed to give other drivers tickets , so before you go road rage think who has you on camera , enjoy . 

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