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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

the new Edmonton Alberta Canada stadium who is paying for it

felecia187 the new stadium that will be built for Edmonton Alberta Canada in the long run tax payers will be paying for the stadium not the owner of the Oilers hockey team and he is worth 4.8 billion dollars , the tax payer has already blown 35 million on a study to determine how much it will cost and where and when it should be built , i will talk about number crunching later, this stadium has already cost the tax payer and the owner of the hockey team that it is being built for , well it has cost him nothing , go figure , the cost dose not en-clued how much to maintain it and police it , oh did i mention when hockey went on strike that the crime rate around the old stadium fell , so much so that the police got to go elsewhere to make other communities safer , number crunchers stupid , the tax payer will fund it in more ways then one and if it dose make money and it won't then the extra money if any will go to give the mayor a raise , so the tax payer gets nothing because it will not lower property tax but will increase your yearly tax bill because property values will rise and so will the tax bill , in the end and i do mean the end get it in the end bend over tax payer, so the hockey players make money for not scoring goals and playing like a amateur street hockey player no wait the street hockey player scores goals so these over paid pro players are even worst then street hockey players , the owners of the club make money you the tax payer that's right get NOTHING  , oh no wait you get a BIGGER TAX BILL every year , if these hockey clubs did in fact make money then they should pay for there own stadium , enjoy you new TAX BILL .     

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