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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

the truth about the junk food tax in Canada

felecia187 so Sweden is implementing a junk food tax no this is not to get people to eat better the truth it fattens the tax man pockets more , so any how . they have started talking about implementing a junk food tax in Canada , well the truth be known is the tax man dose not want the majority of Canadians to know this , here goes about 25 years ago they already implemented the junk food tax on potato chips , candy , pop , and other junk food , but the tax man is going to lie to you about this so they can add that's right another tax to suck your pocket book dry , when are we as the people that pay these idiots salaries going to say no more lies , do we start to value what we should be paying for tax before or after we become a communist country , enjoy  

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