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Saturday, March 1, 2014

Vince Li cold blooded murder free

felecia187 red for blood , so Vince Li cuts a mans head off on a Greyhound bus in Manitoba Canada , is found not criminally responsible and now six years later starts to get freedom after committing this murder in  front of the children on the bus were there kids on the bus i don't know but hay makes a better story , any way they say as long as he continues to take his meds he will be fine , omg do they make a med that can make your kid clean there room , can you give someone a med with no side affects , if being on a pill worked then we could give pills to people to stop them from committing crimes in the first place , oh did i mention he has no criminal record so he can travel to the USA  and kill again think about it , if the person that killed was your kid what would you do ? enjoy   

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