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Saturday, March 15, 2014

we are not as high tech as you might think Malaysia air lines

felecia187 here is what we know about the disappearance of 239 people on Malaysia air lines , nothing that's is every thing we know , theories are triangle , which it did enter into , hijacking , which is what they are looking at now , thanks to the internet thousands of people have been using satellite from Russia , USA , and China now they got a USA war ship , the relatives are not being let go and are still waiting to see what happens , now they are talking about using satellites to monitor air travel with up to the second monitoring , it is amazing that something like this has to happen before some one brings us tech that will help with missing planes , but for every disaster like this , you will find that we have had the tech for many years before this happens so why do we make it public now , because social paths are in power , it is like this if you drive to a corner in your town that dose not have a four way stop , then one day you see there is a four way stop this means someone died at the intersection before something was done , and that is how stupid people make the rules . enjoy  

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