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Thursday, March 27, 2014

why are items cheaper at some stores then others ?

felecia187 green for green money get it . OK so you go to a dollar store see the same item for yeah you guessed it a dollar , now you go to a grocery store and see the same item for yeah you guess five dollars now why is this , competition nope , where they get it from nope again , because they get it from the same place , the answer is going to surprise you so hang on to your pants , don't have any your in trouble already , the answer is the dollar store has BUYING POWER , now buying power works like this the more the dollar store buys of one item the cheaper the manufacture sells it to the dollar store for ,so your grocery store buys an item for a dollar they buy 10,000 of them for all there stores and sell it to you for five dollars , now the dollar store buys 100,000 of the same item and the manufacture sells them to the dollar store for .25 cents and that is how BUYING POWER  works , this is why regular corner stores will go buy there products from the dollar store then sell it at there own store because they don't have any buying power , so that is how BUYING POWER  works , enjoy . 

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