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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

why are you more likely to die if you get hit by a bigger vehicle .

felecia187 red for bloody mess , so you are out driving and you are driving a 3,000 lbs car now the other guy or girl is driving a 20,000 pound mac truck , will you survive , chances are the answer is NO , this is the reason for this , bigger heaver rules period . they don't make cars to withstand the G-force of 50 mph or more when you take on a semi trailer , the truck driver believe me will not even know they hit you , this is because , what happens when an irresistible force meets an unmovable object , crush is what happens , the truck driver will feel no g-force to him or her at all , now you in the small car will feel the whole g-force , fighter pilots can die when they hit more then 100 g-force now a g-force is the amount of gravity times the pull of the earth , two g-force two time the gravity of earth , one hundred times you are dead , now back to the crash you 3,000 lbs truck 20,000 , truck on impact zero g-force , you on impact 800 g-force this is 800 time the force of gravity you lose , g-force in a crash can go even higher what's the point your dead ,so watch your road rage and drive safely , my dad and brother were driving a logging truck and a half ton truck ran a stop sign the half ton lost it flew over 50 feet threw the air my dad and brother felt nothing , when they test your car in crashes they test them at 30 mph not at the 50 mph plus that the accident you will be in will cause , and they test them on stationary objects like large cement blocks , so in real live these test are garbage , in real live the semi will be travelling at 50 mph you will be travelling at 50 mph so the point of impact will be 100 mph , in the 30 mph test the point of impact is 30 mph , when you know the facts then the fear will help you to drive a whole lot safer , enjoy .     

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