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Monday, March 24, 2014

why do people eat really hot stuff FIRE .

felecia187 red like fire , so people like my girlfriend love hot food , but with my girlfriend it has to taste good , so even if it really is hot she will not like it unless it taste good , now are there any benefits to eating hot , and i mean hot spicy foods , well the facts are these my girlfriend who has eaten hot spicy foods all her life , 
one has no cavities and perfect teeth ,
two has never thrown up from being sick .
her hair is three times thicker then yours or mine , you could make a rope out of it ,
she also has great looking skin , but she doesn't where make up .
they make food at restaurants that you have to sign a waiver for just to eat it , but dose it taste good ?the truth is we don't know it has any benefits to eating hot spicy food , but people eat it because they like it , remember eat to life don't live to eat , enjoy .     

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