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Monday, March 24, 2014

why do radio stations have so many contest

felecia187 viewers equal money the more viewers the more money radio stations can charge for there advertising , now how do they get there numbers for radio , they get them from the number of contestants that call in to there show to see if they are winners of the contest they are holding , then the number cruncher makes the rest of it up literally , there is some reason to this but not enough to prove really how many people are actually listing to the radio , now when you pay to listen to the radio they know how many people are listening , this is baste on the number of people who bought there service which is more accurate then stations that don't charge you to listen , so if you want to advertise on the radio then go with the radio station that charges you to use it , because they know how many people are really listening the other radio stations makes it up , after all it is your money , enjoy   

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