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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

you owe the tax man , they owe you what happens

felecia187 this is a rip off waiting to happen , when you owe the tax man they want there money now and they want interest with it , if your late they impose a surtax , which cost you even more , now when the tax man owes you they pay you nothing for interest , you can't impose a surtax on them , but if the government dose decide to pay you interest they give you prime which is what i think 3 % , now when you owe them then they charge you 8 % or higher , the law says you can't have one set of laws for one group of people and a different set of rules for the other group all are equal in the sight of the law , the tax man makes a mistake you pay for the mistake that they made yes they have add zeros to peoples tax bill even if the tax man lied , now you have to pay legal fees you can't afford to get back what the government stole from you , when is this madness going to STOP , enjoy  

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