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Saturday, March 1, 2014

your cell and your kids cell phone is tapped being watched

felecia187 believe me this is stupid every cell phone in Canada and the USA is recorded which is why drug dealers never use them to sell drugs , your kids phone is being watched to see if they have sent nude photos to other cell phones , they don't have your permission and they don't need it , kids are being charged with child porn because of this , the rule is simple any photo that shows the bare skin between there neck to there ankle , and between wrist to wrist is considered child porn , this applies to people 17 years old and younger , by the way drug dealers use telephones dial , rotary , touch tone , look it up so make sure your kids know how not to use it , oh and if you had a important talk with someone on the phone and want a copy get a hold of your cell phone company and get them to give you a copy , and if you don't want someone listening to your call then talk to them in person , enjoy

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