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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

your new home the new tax bill and how you got taken

felecia187 so you just bought a new house in Alberta Canada , this is how it works , the builder pays for a building perament now the cost to build sewer water power gas and over flow in case of a flood are all included in this price , now the home owner also has to pay a new home owner tax usually this tax is hidden in the selling price , so the tax man just got twice what you should have payed , not done yet , so the builder pays you pay , now the city will increase your tax bill so now all the tax payers in the city get to pay for infrastructure , that the builder already payed for that you the new home owner already payed for and now the tax payer will also pay for so the city just made three times what it should have cost , not done yet , bend over , so the city last year example say charged you % 3.02 for your property tax now because you live next to a new section of the city your property increased by lets say % 10 so if your home was worth $ 200,000 it is now worth $ 220,000 so the tax man gets % 3.02 with a % 10 increase for the city , but the city who just got % 10 more that year now wants you to think that you have to pay % 5 of your property value so instead of getting just a % 10 increase they now get even more of your tax dollars this is called multilevel marketing if you or i do this in business we go to prison but the tax man dose it all the time , builder pays , new home owner pays , tax payer pays once twice and three times , so where dose all this extra money go , bigger pay checks for your elected officials , enjoy the corruption because a thief is a thief no matter what office they hold , enjoy   

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