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Sunday, April 6, 2014

adult diapers do you need them .

felecia187 touchy subject would you rather wear a diaper at your age or get a cure so you don't have to , well turns out that more then % 90 of everyone who wears an adult diaper doesn't need to , the reason people would rather wear a adult diaper that stinks yea you are not fooling anyone sorry , is because they think that if they go to a doctor they will become embarrassed  by what the doctor will tell you or what he will see , well the truth of the matter is that %90 of you that wear an adult diaper it is curable , there are several ways to do this depending on what really is wrong , you might need your bladder lifted , or something as simple as getting Botox injected into your muscle , you may just have to exercise your pee muscle , this is very easy for your doctor to cure you so you don't have to worry how the doctor will see you , they are there to help and it is not that hard to cure and your life will be back to normal in no time , they are also using your own stem cells to grow you a new bladder if it comes to that , so instead of smelling like you are wearing a adult diaper you should really go see your doctor because there is nothing your doctor has not see , and your doctor has already help maybe even your friend so get help and start to enjoy the little things in live like going to the bathroom like everyone else no smelly diapers to deal with and you will indeed fell better about yourself , enjoy.

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