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Monday, April 14, 2014

bleeding bug revenue Canada

felecia187  so revenue Canada has admitted that the bug you didn't have to worry about has now stole about 900 sin numbers , and people keep saying it is save to do your business on line , and i say if you do business on line you are nuts , the internet is like a door with a lock on it , it was made to keep stupid people out , but the smart ones keep getting in the door , you want to know how to pick a door lock then go to the video site and search really easy to pick locks , beat motion detectors , break handcuffs , make a bumper key and the list goes on , if someone comes up with the idea of making the internet safer , then someone is going to figure  out how to make it unsafe again it seems to be a challenge waiting to happen so DO NOT DO BANKING ON LINE  , how and when is this message going to get through to you people , hacking is the easiest  thing to do so don't fool your self keep it secure don't publish your banking information on line , word of warning if i had your e-mail address i could find all the sites you have ever visited in 5 minutes and you don't have to be a genus like me to do it , so if you go online everything you do on line is there for the picking so DON'T do anything on line you don't want someone to know about , in order for someone to stop someone from opening the locked door you first have to get rid of the door , enjoy .

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