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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

can eating poppy seeds make you test positive for drugs . and make you high .

felecia187 are you getting a drug test for sports or work , and do you want to know if eating poppy seeds will make you test positive , well they use poppy seeds for baking and making opium , so you can make drugs out of the seeds that are sold everywhere , well the truth be told the answer is yes you can test positive for drugs after eating poppy seeds about 23 grams not much not even an ounce which is 31.5 grams to an ounce just so you know , now how much do you have to eat to get high i do not know the answer to that it would be based on your height weight and age to determine that , so you should know that even some cold medicine will also make you test positive for drugs , so before you take the drug test tell them what you had to eat that day just in case , some one should do something about poppy seeds which is why i wrote this because drugs in any form are stupid , enjoy . 

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