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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

heard bleed bugger arrested in Canada

felecia187 the person who stole 900 sin numbers from revenue Canada has been arrested in London Ontario , his name is Stephen Arthuno  Solis-Reyes , this kid is 19 has a back ground as follows .
won London district school board computer programming competition .
track and field 1500 meters .
Catholic school spelling bee .
was taking computer science .
the heart bleed bug is a program that unencrypts encrypted messages as i said before in a previous post you made the door to open and you thought you had the only key , well think again because doors were meant to be opened , this kid is going to do some time and when he gets out and is done his parole he will be hired by companies that want someone like him to make there computers more secure , stupid i know but this is how it works it is like he is advertising for future employment , i would tell you in this post how easy it was to catch him on the computer but then this would be the last time you would ever use the internet for fear of them finding out what you are doing here scared yet . enjoy .

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